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Singing with Free Hands

Singers often need best MIC and Headset for singing with a soulful voice. It is not so easy to find the best Microphone Headset for Singing in an affordable price. In 70’s and 80’s period, Singers used to sing with lavalier MIC which is fixed on its stand. Thereafter, the Big MIC is introduced with wired and wireless features. The Singer has to hold on Big MIC in his hands while singing.

The technology has reached to a height where the Headset Microphone is invented. The Singers who want to play an instrument along with singing, should try the Headset Microphone for Singing. At present, you can choose the Best Headset Microphone for Singing from all the available products in market. In order to find the best one, you have to check features and reviews of each microphone.

A headset microphone is made to help you sing your favourite song with free hands. You can use your hands to play piano, guitar, drums etc., because the headset microphone will be fixed on your head. The MIC will be attached near your mouth, so that your voice is captured well and the audience can listen & enjoy to your voice without any issue.

The wired headset microphone works better than wireless microphone, because wireless headset microphone requires works in a limited range and it required charging. The wired microphone works on power it receives directly from amplifier. Both the wired and wireless headset microphones are best in their own way. So you should choose the one which is ideal as per your requirements and singing needs.

You should read the instructions to fix the Microphone properly on your head; otherwise it may slip from your face again & again while you are singing on stage. The microphone should not be too close or too far from your mouth. A genuine distance is required to get your voice captured well without humming or any other disturbance.

If a wireless microphone headset offers less than three hours battery life, you should not buy it. Because there are many wireless headsets which come with a big battery that lasts for eight to twelve hours which is great for a full day stage show and singing performance. So you must recharge the battery up to 100 percent, so the headset microphone can stay with you in whole singing show.

Some musicians like to sing with a loud voice which is possible with high quality headset microphone. If the headset microphone is cheap in price, it will not give desired performance. It is better to check the advantages and limitations of your favourite headset microphone before buying it. If check the Top Best Headset Microphone Reviews, you will definitely find a good quality microphone for singing in your budget.

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